MyScoreIQ plans now offer business credit

Establishing a good business credit score doesn't have to be complicated. Our business credit plans make it simple for you and your clients to create and monitor your business credit.

You and your clients receive credit reports and scores from Experian® and Dun & Bradstreet® along with business credit monitoring. Benefits include:

  • Business credit file creation
  • Experian® and Dun & Bradstreet® business credit reports & scores
  • Bureau business credit monitoring
  • Business internet monitoring (dark web)
  • Business identity fraud restoration services
  • Business credit education center
  • Personal credit reports, scores and credit monitoring
How It Works


Accessing Business Credit

Existing members

Existing MyScoreIQ members may have the option to upgrade in the business credit plan in the member site.

New Members

New members have the option to include the business credit plan upgrade during their initial enrollment.

Activating Business Credit

Step 1

Once the member is in the member portal, they are directed to a button to “Activate” their business credit plan.

Step 2

They must check the box to agree to the service terms.

Step 3

Then they are prompted to choose from the above options.

Step 4

Members are then prompted to enter information about their business.

Step 5(a)

A list of results comes up from Experian and/or Dun & Bradstreet. They can select their business from the list and press “Submit”.

Step 5(b)

If their business isn’t listed, they can check the box and select “Next”. The member can then complete a form about their business to create a credit file.

Inside The Portal

The Business Credit Tab

Once the business credit file is created, they have access to their business credit report.

The Business Cyber Tab

Once the member has access to their business credit report, they can enter business information they want to monitor.

The Education Center

Members also have access to the Business Education Center that answers common business credit questions.

A Look Inside

Business Credit Portal

Business Credit Sub Portal

Managed by Experian, the sub portal's Business Credit Tab shows credit scores(s), basic business information, tradelines and more.

Business Cyber

The Business Cyber Tab allows the member to enter the business information they would like to monitor.

Activating & Setting Up


Once enrollment is completed, the member will land on the home page of myscoreIQ where they will see direction and a button to ACTIVATE their business credit plan.

(Detail of Activation Banner)


If the member clicked “setup my business profile” OR “find my businesses existing credit profile” from the prior screen, then they will be prompted to enter information about their business.

(Detail of Business Info Setup Screen)

Now you and your clients can stay informed of significant business credit profile changes.

Help your clients stay on top of their FICO® Scores and actively monitor for changes in their credit report with the benefit of identity theft protection.